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Agriculture and tech a perfect match


Technology is transforming how industries operate – especially the agricultural sector.

A new partnership in Australia, between the country’s science agency – the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and agribusiness Ruralco, is going to harness technology to ‘develop data-driven solutions for more efficient and sustainable farming’. The pair will collaborate across a number of areas, including the use of drones ‘in long-range livestock detection’.

“Drone technology is facilitating data-driven decision making in agriculture. Farmers can better analyse issues which affect productivity and sustainability such as: effective nutrient delivery; plant growth; and combat bio-security issues such as invasive species and pest infestation.

“Ruralco is well positioned to deliver innovative technology through our 600 national outlets,” said Travis Dillon, CEO and Managing Director of Ruralco.

The global agriculture sector is experiencing a period of major transformation as stakeholders seek to adopt sustainable production methods that can help feed a growing global population.

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