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$4.5M funding for growing food sectors

USA – The Good Food Institute (GFI) is offering $4.5 million in grant funding to help accelerate ‘plant-based and cultivated meat research projects’.

Along with the $3.1 million available through its Competitive Research Grant Program – dedicated to such initiatives, GFI is also investing $1.4 million this year to support scientific research and build open-access data the sector can use toovercome technical hurdles and scale-up to price parity’.

“We need vastly more research and more funding to accelerate the plant-based and cultivated meat industries and build the scientific foundation of a healthy, sustainable, and just food system. Given the dearth of research funding currently available, the work made possible through this program will fill one part of an enormous whitespace,” said The Good Food Institute Executive Director Bruce Friedrich. “With scientific advances made by private companies often protected as trade secrets, it is critical that a robust foundation of open-access data is built to support the entire sector and help bring plant-based and cultivated meat to the masses.”

Apply for the 2019 program by 28 October.

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