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1bn to fly sustainable class by 2025

The International Air transport Association (IATA) wants one billion passengers taking flights powered by a percentage of sustainable aviation fuel by 2025.

It will support the industry’s ambitions to generate carbon-neutral growth from 2020 onwards, and to slash emissions by 50% on its 2005 output.

“The momentum for sustainable aviation fuels is now unstoppable. From one flight in 2008, we passed the threshold of 100,000 flights in 2017, and we expect to hit one million flights during 2020. But that is still just a drop in the ocean compared to what we want to achieve. We want 1 billion passengers to have flown on a SAF-blend flight by 2025. That won’t be easy to achieve. We need governments to set a framework to incentivize production of SAF and ensure it is as attractive to produce as automotive biofuels,” said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

And the biggest carriers in the world are making moves to include biofuels in their energy mix, with Qantas, Cathay Pacific, KLM and Air Canada all featuring on these pages for their work in this area.

Renewable fuel giant Neste has also launched a website to encourage the aviation industry to learn about, and pursue, a climate-friendly future.

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