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What’s the next clean energy frontier?

Four Californian cities are committing to implement a strategy for zero-carbon buildings by 2050.

San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica and Los Angeles are among 15 other cities to make the move, with the Sierra Club revealing in a news release that 19 cities have pledged to have all new buildings carbon-free by 2030, with ‘all existing buildings carbon-free by 2050’.


“Zero-carbon buildings represent the next clean energy frontier for California. These buildings are powered by clean energy, save residents on monthly utility bills, and don’t rely on fossil fuel appliances that produce hazardous indoor air pollution and pose safety risks,” said Rachel Golden, Sierra Club Senior Campaign Representative . “The tide is quickly turning against fossil fuels like gas, and the sooner the better given the wildfires, heatwaves, and air pollution making it harder to breathe in California. All-electric zero-carbon buildings will also support the creation of thousands of new jobs and economic development opportunities. This commitment is a very important first step and a clear signal to where the state needs to go to truly lead on climate.”

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