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What’s next?

We all love predictions.

So we spoke to some industry leaders to find out their thoughts on the direction of travel.

Here’s what Anna Tarí, Founder, Circular Economy Club (CEC), told us: “Big Data is breaking ground to reconciling cities with nature. Smart lighting, energy use, traffic, waste valorization, all aspects and flows of the circular city of the future are promises that can be kept by harnessing Big Data through analytics. 

Transportation in the Industrial Revolution was revolutionised by roads, river traffic, steamboats, canals and railroads. Now it’s the turn for integrated transport systems, new delivery and drone technology, biofuels, driverless and electric vehicles, sharing platforms and mobility-as-a-service, among others, to lead the transition towards circularity in cities. 

Paradoxically, circular cities will need to cater for an increase in density and an increase in quality of life. Public places and structures will learn from MIT’s ‘reprogrammable apartments’ so that they are built with multiple uses in mind to ensure that we can use them with different purposes at different times.”

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What’s next?


What’s next?


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