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The Davos Agenda gets underway

“Science, technology and innovation is a key engine for human progress.” The words of Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking today during the World Economic Forum’s virtual event, The Davos Agenda. Where he made clear that progress for people and planet is dependant on the Paris Agreement climate targets being met, along with the 17 UN Global Goals – a blueprint for a better world – being achieved.

“We need to deliver on the Paris Agreement on climate change and promote green development,” he said. “We need to give continued priority to development, implement the Sustainable Development Goals, and make sure that all countries, especially developing ones, share in the fruits of global development.”

The Chinese premier reaffirmed his country’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to achieving climate neutrality before 2060.

“The earth is our one and only home. To scale up efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development, bears on the future of humanity.”

WEF Founder and Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, thanked China for its leadership in supporting the 2030 Agenda and for its efforts in tackling COVID-19. Adding that the year ahead will be a crucial one in a world fighting for its future on many fronts.

“2021 will be the critical year to re-establish trust in our ability to shape our common future in collective and constructive ways,” Schwab said. “We must win the fight against the virus, we must reinvigorate global economic growth and make it more robust, resilient, inclusive and sustainable, and at the same time, we must accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.”

He added: “We must come together to ensure that we capture the moment and move into the age of collaboration to build a better world.”

Follow all the latest from The Davos Agenda, which runs until 29 January.

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