|16 January 2017|


Advances in hyperimaging technology and artificial intelligence (AI) will mean “superhero vision can be part of our everyday experiences”, according to IBM’s 5in5 set of predictions.

Enabling humans to see beyond visible light would be a sensory revolution offering important insights and alerting people to potential dangers – previously unseen by the naked eye.

IBM’s 5in5 predicts that in five years “new imaging devices using hyperimaging technology and AI will help us see broadly beyond the domain of visible light by combining multiple bands of the electromagnetic spectrum to reveal valuable insights or potential dangers that would otherwise be unknown or hidden from view. Most importantly, these devices will be portable, affordable and accessible, so superhero vision can be part of our everyday experiences.

“Embedded in our phones, these same technologies could take images of our food to show its nutritional value or whether it’s safe to eat. A hyperimage of a pharmaceutical drug or a bank check could tell us what’s fraudulent and what’s not. What was once beyond human perception will come into view.”

IBM said: “Currently more than 99.9% of the electromagnetic spectrum cannot be observed by the naked eye.

“IBM scientists are today building a compact hyperimaging platform that “sees” across separate portions of the electromagnetic spectrum in one platform to potentially enable a host of practical and affordable devices and applications.”