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Summit puts green economy on agenda

The one-day Green Business Summit in Abu Dhabi next month will see cross-sectoral leaders discuss how to align the ‘environment and the economy‘.

Innovators Magazine is a media partner with the Summit, organised by The Economist Events team, and as part of our weekend roundup of what’s on – and what’s coming up – in the next few weeks, we want to alert our readers to this one.

One of the panel themes is ‘voices from the future’. ‘In this panel we bring together the changemakers and entrepreneurs making real progress in the fight against climate change. How is the millennial generation responding to urgent challenges to the environment, and how are they utilising new technologies and the connected world to do so? In a region with a fast-growing young population, how can we encourage business growth and promote digital skills?’, the Summit website states.

The packed agenda is available online and the organisers of the 15 April event are currently taking applications from those interested in attending. The Summit will be held at the Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

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