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A pioneering company in England that is delivering food to customers directly from the farm has attracted multi-million pound backing.

Farmdrop’s online ‘harvested-to-order’ platform puts more money in the pockets of farmers and provides people with the freshest ingredients.

“Farmdrop’s food is ‘Harvested-to-order’ meaning it is 5x fresher than supermarkets because it never sits in a warehouse or on a shelf. Combining this revolutionary approach with next day delivery, complete with a one hour drop off window chosen by the shopper, all adds up to equal zero food waste,” said Atomico, the London investment firm leading Farmdrop’s £7 million investement round. “Farmdrop gives farmers 75% of the final retail price. This is roughly double what they would receive from a supermarket.”

Atomico was launched by Niklas Zennström, the co-founder of Skype, and it looks for disruptors like Farmdrop who can positively shake things up and drive a sustainable economy.

“We’re here to make it easy to access the best smaller local producers who hold sustainable values at heart and help keep Britain green. We use zero emission electric vans, reusable thermal packaging and super local sourcing for the lowest food miles,” Farmdrop’s website states. “Food waste really gets our goat too. Our producers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your kale is only cut once bought. There’s no need to store any fresh food, so there’s none lying around in distribution centres – it simply passes through our Bermondsey hub in a matter of hours.”


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