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Sharing ideas can increase yields

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has launched a global platform to support smallholder farming in developing countries.

Building on its Farmer Field Schools – the FAO’s long-running, community-led initiative used in more than 90 countries to find solutions to local agricultural problems, the new Global Farmer Field School Knowledge Platform will increase access to information on best practices.

“Farmer Field Schools contribute to developing sustainable agriculture practices, building on understanding of ecology to manage complex agro-ecosystems, and promote people-centered development,” explained Dan Gustafson, FAO Deputy Director-General for Programmes. “FFS have been generating innovations since they started. Continuous learning and innovations is needed to keep addressing new challenges in agriculture.”

The new platform will introduce progressive ideas, including tech innovations designed to advance sustainable agriculture, through a range of interactive tools and resources – such as online discussion groups.

“The Global Knowledge Products are aimed at promoting innovation and supporting countries in their efforts to integrate production of crops, livestock, forests, fisheries and aquaculture in ways that improve natural resources management, agro-biodiversity, income, livelihoods and adaptation to climate change” added Clayton Campanhola, FAO Strategic Programme Leader on Sustainable Agriculture.

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