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Sea change in fight against plastics


A world leading waste-to-biofuels technology company is working with the Ocean Legacy Foundation to ‘turn ocean plastics waste into valuable products’.

We have featured many of Enerkem’s innovative milestones in developing tech to ‘convert mixed household waste and unrecoverable plastics into fuels and chemicals’. This collaboration with the Ocean Legacy Foundation is another, and will see the pair ‘explore ways in which soiled plastics can be recuperated from oceans to produce low carbon transportation fuels and chemicals by leveraging Enerkem’s disruptive technology’.


“Our breakthrough waste-to-biofuels and chemicals technology is already addressing the issues related to urban waste, including plastics. Through this innovative collaboration, we are committed to looking at concrete local initiatives to turn ocean plastics waste into valuable products,” said Marie-Hélène Labrie, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications, Enerkem.


Partnerships like this are vital to tackle the ‘150 million tonnes of plastics’ the World Economic Forum says is floating in our oceans’ as well as the ‘eight million tonnes’ entering waterways annually.


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