A pioneering company finding circular solutions for previously non-recyclable items continues to go from strength to strength.

TerraCycle has made its name globally for its ability to take the non-recyclable, things  like ‘cigarette butts and chewing gum’ and repurpose them using innovative processes. It also featured on these pages last year for its involvement in developing a London gym made using deodorant cans.

And now the waste management company, which supports sustainability initiatives across 20 countries, has announced record growth over the past 15 months.

Speaking about the success, Tom Szaky, President and CEO of TerraCycle, said: “TerraCycle owes its tremendous success to the hard work, ingenuity and enthusiasm of our dedicated staff. Our record-breaking growth will pave the way for new initiatives in 2018 and 2019; initiatives that include additional solutions to the immense problem of marine plastic and something we believe will change the way consumers view their everyday household products.”