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Q&A with Marc Buckley 

Marc is a member of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum for Innovation, Social Innovation, Climate Change, Agriculture, Food and Beverage; Innovation Special Adviser, Bayer Cares Foundation; and a UN SDG Advocate.

I spoke with him about the link between impact innovation and the SDGs, and how businesses and individuals can strengthen those links.

What steps can people take to contribute to the SDGs? 

Have a voice and let social and political leaders know how you feel. Break old habits and adopt new ones with your own personal SDG adoption of the goals. Innovate within your own life to be resilient and local with how you eat and use resources. The reform is not with you but the agriculture, food and beverage producers. Currently we have little say in how they produce. We can make our voice heard and let them know they need to change their ways to sustainable production. There are many tools available to help and make this easier. It starts with a desire to change then shaping it into new positive habits. 

Read the full Q&A in the Spring launch edition of Impact Innovators.

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