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Plastics industry eyes circular future


LyindellBasell and Suez are going to scale-up the capacity of a Dutch company which converts consumer waste into raw materials for the plastics industry.

Innovators Magazine reported last year the deal between Suez, a water and waste management leader and LyondellBasell, a plastics, chemicals and refining firm, to take a 50|50 stake in Dutch company, Quality Circular Polymers (QCP), a ‘premium plastics recycling company’. The pair, which are now expanding operations at QCP, plan to support Europe’s strategy on plastics and help industrial manufacturers reach their environmental targets by speeding up the use of circular polymers.

LyondellBasell CEO, Bob Patel said: “Partnering with SUEZ allows us to contribute to the circular economy in a way that no plastics company has before. For several years, we have seen increased demand for recycled and reused plastics, especially in Europe. With QCP, we have combined our respective expertise with SUEZ to create an innovative system that can be scaled as the circular economy grows.”

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