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Planet gets billion dollar treat


Chocolate giant Mars has announced a $1 billion plan to tackle climate change and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The company is calling for businesses around the world to lead the type of ‘transformational change’ needed to realise the SDGs, the international blueprint for delivering a sustainable world by 2030. Mars CEO Grant Reid revealed details of the new ‘sustainable in a generation‘ strategy ahead of this month’s UN General Assembly and Climate Week in New York.

“If we are to help deliver on the targets agreed in Paris and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, there has to be a huge step change. While many companies have been working on being more sustainable, the current level of progress is nowhere near enough,” he said.

“Mars has been in business for four generations and intends to be for the next four generations. The only way that will happen is if we do things differently to ensure that the planet is healthy and all people in our extended supply chains have the opportunity to thrive. We must work together, because the engine of global business – its supply chain – is broken, and requires transformational, cross-industry collaboration to fix it.”

Harnessing the power of renewable energy across its operations and using the company’s famous brands to promote sustainability are key elements of the new initiative. A campaign through its M&M’s brand will spread the word about climate change and clean energy. Mars is a champion of green power, all its operations in the US and UK run off it, with more locations set to follow.

“Through our much-loved M&M’s brand, we can inspire consumers on this important topic and shine the spotlight on renewable energy – one of the solutions that will help us to tackle climate change and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” added Mr Reid.

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