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Next up, Local Renewables Conference 

The upcoming Local Renewables Conference in Freiburg and Basel is one of the next events in the calendar that we are media partners with.

Taking place between 24-26 October, the City of Freiburg, the City of Basel and ICLEI Europe is organising the event, with its 2018 theme: Urban Transformation to a Circular Economy.


“Join leading and learning cities, policy-makers from European and national governments, businesses, research and finance institutions for the 9th edition of the Local Renewables Series. It will build on the success of previous conferences and will showcase practical and innovative examples of how to reduce energy and resource use, and make ideal use of energy sources and other resources in the region,” the event website states.


Register now; and if you are in Freiburg the day before, you could be interested in the Covenant of Mayors Workshop: Implementing the Energy Transition through Local Action Planning. Read about the registration details for that one and follow hashtag  for all the latest.


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