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New hope in fight against arthritis

A new therapeutic pioneered by researchers at an English university could offer hope to the millions that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The University of Birmingham Enterprise team announced in a press release today the formation of Viatem Ltd, which will take forward PEPITEM (Peptide Inhibitor of Trans-Endothelial Migration). The PEPITEM has been shown in studies to ‘prevent or delay the onset of RA in animal models of disease, and restore regulation of white blood cell migration in human tissues‘.

“Despite substantial innovation over the last few decades, there are still significant unmet needs in rheumatoid arthritis treatment. We are delighted to be commercialising this novel therapeutic target which is supported by a robust and increasing body of evidence,” said Dr James Wilkie, CEO of University of Birmingham Enterprise.

The breakthrough follows another we reported last year, which indicated that algae could provide an arthritis cure.

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