|17 August 2016|


The Japanese Government wants robotics to provide the impetus for a new industrial revolution. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling on companies to promote the use of robotics in ‘large-scale factories’ and to incorporate it into ‘every corner’ of the ‘economy and society”.

It has a national robot strategy to encourage investment and innovation in this growing industry.

With an ageing population – a challenge facing many developed economies – the Japanese Government sees robotics as a big part of the solution to filling the gaps this creates in service provision.

It even plans to hold a robot olympics to coincide with the country’s staging of the 2020 summer games.

And last year the Japanese Prime Minister used the launch of the Robot Revolution Initiative Council in Tokyo as a rallying call for widespread investment in the industry.

The country already boasts a robot hotel and restaurants and coffee shops are increasingly using them day-to-day.

While earlier this month Kawasaki opened the Kawasaki Robostage in Tokyo where visitors watched robots make a dish synonymous with Japan. Check out the video below.

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