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Impact investing can feed millions

Make money while helping to feed millions will be the message impact investors attending this summer’s Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Summit in Europe will hear.

The AIM event is coming to Europe for the first time; with the multi-trillion dollar opportunities available in the alternative investment market to ‘do good’ top of the agenda. Peter Rockefeller, Board Member & Vice Chairman of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Managing Director of Brock Capital Group, who will be the keynote opening the summit, said there are huge gains to be made for ‘forward-thinking investors to deploy investment capital in ways that will simultaneously advance sustainability in agriculture and meet the need to feed additional millions, while generating real returns’.

“The Summit will address one of the most critical issues of our time as it will introduce global investors to the vast array of opportunities that are key to advancing the innovations in technology that are essential for meeting the food supply of a world population that is projected to be a staggering 9 billion by 2050,” added Lee Tashjian of the World Economic Forum’s Global Council.

The inaugural AIM Europe Summit takes place in Geneva on 12 June, and will be moderated by the World Economic Forum.

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