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How to effectively finance founders

Roland Strauss writes about the EUtop50 Founders & Tech Festivaltaking place in Brussels this November.


The EUtop50 annual festival is going to celebrate and support young founders from all over Europe by bringing together the continent’s leading innovation actors, technology developers, incubators and accelerators, investors, corporate venture organisations, family offices and all those who contribute to thedevelopment of a globally competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Learning from last year’s EUtop50 event, and to achieve maximum impact, the 2018 edition will be built around young founders, R&D innovators from Horizon 2020 and university technology developers from across Europe. A particular highlight this year will be a selection of Europe’s future innovation leaders, young talented entrepreneurs who have developed breakthrough technologies and raised substantial amounts of venture capital. That’s because accessing funds is a critical step for young pioneersdelving into the jungle of innovation financing in Europe to get right. The challenge is tomake sure enough capital is available during the different cycles of company development; from the early stages, through growth stagesthat can reach the ultimate unicorn market capitalisation level. This is why we decided to dedicate an important part of the EUtop50 programme to the subject of innovation financing.


Read the full article in the second edition of Impact Innovators, produced in collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation, which Dr Strauss is the CEO of. It will be available online later this week – sign up for our newsletter to get it straight to your inbox.

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