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Guilt-free cocktails…well, almost

If you see your straw disappearing after a few cocktails don’t panic – you’re not drunk – it is supposed to do that.

Well, that’s if you’re drinking through a Lolistraw, a ‘hypercompostable edible straw’ – made by Loliware, a company pioneering ‘edible bioplastics’ to create products that are ‘designed to disappear’.


“Our world needs a radically new approach to our daily consumption of single-use plastics which too often go to landfill. Our solutions transform disposables into ‘plant fuel’ through composting, or ‘human fuel’ through consumption,” said co-founders, Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker,


Pernod Ricard USA is collaborating with the company as it seeks to implement solutions to the scourge of single-use plastics.

“We are excited to see where the relationship takes us,” added John Tran, Director of Sustainability & Responsibility at Pernod Ricard USA. “Plastic straws can have a large environmental impact to marine life and oceans. Eliminating our use is only half the battle; offering alternatives that reimagine how straws are made, used, and converted to energy is the next step for genuine transformational change. Supporting LOLIWARE is part of our commitment to a low-carbon, circular economy.”

It is nearly the weekend so it is only right to applaud the efforts of the drinks industry to embrace sustainable practices, so whatever your tipple is this weekend, beer or wine let’s drink a toast to the circular economy.

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