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Giant mannequin wastes nothing

Unilever Deodorants, in partnership with Savers® thrift stores, unveils the Stain-Less, Waste-Less Installation, at The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center in New York City, which is comprised of thousands of pieces of repurposed clothing to bring awareness to the issue of clothing waste on Tuesday, February 6th. (PRNewsfoto/Unilever)

A striking new display in New York is helping to raise awareness about the problem of clothes waste.

With 85% of apparel ending up in landfill – in the US alone – action needs to be taken to reverse the environmental damage being caused.

And to encourage people to recycle and reuse clothes, instead of ditching them, Unilever is collaborating with non-profit global thrift store chain, Savers, on its I Give a Sh!rt® campaign – which shines a light on the 10.5 million tons of clothes being thrown away in America annually.

The pair unveiled the Stain-Less, Waste-Less Installation, a 28-foot tall mannequin draped in repurposed clothing, this week at The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center in New York City.

“Considering the impact of textile waste on the environment, taking steps to extend the life of our clothing can make a huge difference. Our partnership with Unilever’s deodorant portfolio for this edition of the I Give a Sh!rt® campaign allows us to continue to raise awareness around the importance of developing solutions that keep clothing in the reuse cycle—and out of the garbage bin,” said Tony Shumpert, Savers’ Vice President of Recycling & Reuse.

The fashion industry is responding to the challenges with a range of initiatives, including partnering with the biotech sector to support a more circular economy focus.

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