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Fungi fashion a fit for the future

A pioneering Dutch company using mushrooms to support the growth of a sustainable fashion industry was a big winner at the recent Nobel Prize of Fashion.

MycoTEX featured in the January edition of Innovators Magazine, a biotech special that included a report on the Fashion For Good initiative the company works with. And MycoTEX is now a Global Change Award winner – an event launched in 2016 by the H&M Foundation – and a recipient of €150,000

Founder Aniela Hoitink said the money will be used “take our amazing technology to the next stage”.

Aniela Hoitink

Speaking to us in January about the innovation, Aniela said: “MycoTEX is a 100% biodegradable material based on mycelium, the root of mushrooms. We have developed a technology and technique to create a sustainable fabric and made prototypes with this material and the 3D modelling process. MycoTEX is sustainably grown in a lab, so we don’t need expensive farmland or its seasonal influences. We use less water and no chemicals or pesticides. MycoTEX offers a shorter supply chain, limits transport use and allows for an entirely new way of designing garments. After wearing you can simply bury your garment in the ground and it will decompose.”

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