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Foundation tackles food insecurity


The Humana Foundation is increasing its multi-million dollar support for non profit organisations in America improving the health of local communities.

Funding from the philanthropic arm of healthcare giant, Humana Inc, will be directed at charities operation in Louisville, where it is headquartered, and seven others where it plans to have an impact – including New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

The latest round of investments will herald a shift for the Foundation, from being a ‘funder of programs to an investor in results‘.

Bold Goal communities is the name Humana gives to areas it works in and where it aims to ‘improve the health of the communities [it serves] 20% by 2020’. Initiatives designed to increase food security in the new Bold Goal communities will be given priority when it comes to receiving a minimum of $500,000 in support.

“In those communities outside of Louisville, the community investments we make in 2018 will go to identifying and scaling organisations with the greatest impact on improving and sustaining positive health outcomes for socially isolated and food-insecure residents. These root-cause influencers on health clearly have an impact on people’s ability to live healthy lives, and we are in a position to partner with nonprofit organisations to positively impact these issues,” said Walter Woods, CEO of the Humana Foundation.

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