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AUSTRALIA – Food is energy and it is time to go renewable. Sunfed Founder and CEO Shama Sukul Lee spoke about this during Melbourne’s inaugural Global Table/Seeds&Chips food innovation conference, which concluded yesterday.

“It’s important to look at food as an energy problem. Food is just another form of energy that we consume on this planet and actually, the largest form of energy with the biggest footprint. Animal proteins make up a really large chunk of that food footprint,” said Lee. “Animal systems are damaging our fundamental resources – soil, water and air. It is now the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, the key polluter of waterways, and the number one reason for the deforestation of the Amazon.”

Sunfed is one of the growing number of plant-based food companies transforming eating habits worldwide. Producing ‘chicken-free chicken using yellow peas as its key ingredient’ Sunfed’s recipe for success is one Lee insists, if mainstreamed, can help save the planet.

“Plants are fundamentally more cost-efficient and cost-effective. You don’t have all the costs of raising an animal and managing animal risks,” she added. 

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