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‘Delivering on the Circular Economy’

Brussels will welcome more than 1000 circular economy stakeholders to a major conference next week.

The event will strive to build on the momentum being built across the continent for the creation of robust and sustainable ecosystems that can replace the take-make-dispose culture destroying the planet. It ‘will bring together industry representatives, public authorities, NGOs, and citizens to make the transition a truly joint endeavour’.

“Two years after the adoption of EU Circular Economy Package in December 2015, more than half of the initiatives included in the Action Plan have been delivered. To discuss upcoming deliverables, explore new areas of action, and share the first achievements of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, the Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee will host a Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference on 20-21 February in Brussels,” the event website states.

‘Delivering on the Circular Economy – What’s Next?’ takes place on 20 and 21 February,

Contribute to the discussions on Twitter via #CEstakeholderEU

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