Daimler and Google are partnering to research how quantum computing tech can be applied to deliver the future of mobility.

Developing full-scale quantum computers is the holy grail of technology. It will dwarf what an ordinary computer can achieve by solving problems they’d take billions of years to solve. And Daimler will tap into Google’s work in this area through the new ‘cooperation agreement’.

Google’s ’72‑qubit Bristlecone chip features the highest number of quantum bits ever used in a quantum computer’ and Daimler will access it to progress the car giant’s plans to become a ‘provider of mobility services’.

Jan Brecht, CIO at Daimler, said: “Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionise the entire IT sector and, in turn, all other areas of industry. This technology is as yet still in the early stages of research and development – but it harbours vast potential. Our aim is to acquire experience with this new technology at an early stage. To this end, we are contributing concrete use cases from the automotive and mobility fields to the research partnerships.”