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‘Cybathlon – moving people and technology’

|6 August 2016|


It is just over two months now until the inaugural Cybathlon event which will pit physically impaired people using the latest assistive technologies against each other.

The Cybathlon – which will take place on 8 October – is the brainchild of ETH Zurich and NCCR Robotics professor Robert Riener and will be held at the SWISS Arena in Kloten.

The event website states: “It was forged with three aims in mind; to facilitate conversation between academia and industry, to facilitate discussion between technology developers and people with disabilities and to promote the use of robotic assistive aids to the general public.”

The Cybathlon will be split across six disciplines, including the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Race, which involves detecting and then converting brainwaves into control signals, making it possible for participants to use their thoughts to control an avatar in a computer game.

Each discipline is designed to challenge tasks from everyday life that future assistive technologies can help those with disabilities to complete.

Tickets available here.

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Iain Robertson
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