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Can you help save the world?

Innovative solutions are needed to overcome the huge number of challenges facing the world this century.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set down the targets humanity must achieve – on areas including hunger, poverty, gender equality, education and climate change by the end of the next decade.

Our impact comms lead, Carlotta De Toni, is discussing all 17 on Instagram over the next few months. Join her and share your views on how different groups can contribute to the SDGs.

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Tackling hunger is the number one priority for the world’s leading food innovation summit: Seeds&Chips. The event will take place in Milan this May under the patronage of the World Food Programme Italia. As the president and co-founder Marco Gualtieri said: “The Summit has always united food, sustainability, and innovation through partnerships between startups, companies, opinion leaders and global media to address larger themes within food and the new solutions that technological development can offer, not just for the most economically advanced countries but particularly for those populations who live in poverty and struggle with a scarcity of resources.” To access early bird tickets visit our website in BIO. @marcogualtierimilano @seeds_and_chips @wfp_italia #food #innovation #summit #obama #global #sac18 #event #may #milano #sustainability #tech #development #cibo #congresso #sviluppo #innovazione #tecnologia

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NYC hosts Food Systems Summit

food | water

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