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Bring distance learning home

Photo by Clarisse Croset on Unsplash

Online study options are becoming an invaluable tool to an increasing number of people locked down due to the pandemic. We are tracking what’s available – and here are a few for younger learners.

The opportunity to become a home astronaut certainly has a certain ring to it and with the International Space Station’s (ISS) space station explorers offering you can take a step closer to space. Providing a wide range of ‘learn-at-home activities’, users can participate in activities that ‘astronauts do on the space station’.

“We know many students are learning at home right now, and hands-on activities are especially important to keep students engaged and learning. Our network of ISS partners has pulled together dozens of no-cost activities for the whole family. After all, we are all in this together,” the programme website states.

Anything else?

There are so many great resources out there. Here’s a site with some amazing STEM activities for young students; one using gaming to engage students; a place to start your journey into science; and some free educational download options with Minecraft.

We’ll keep looking and share it all via our newsletter.


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