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Breakthrough biofuel a top performer

A Canadian company pioneering waste-to-biofuel technology that is in high demand across global markets made a ‘major breakthrough’ this week.

Enerkem has featured several times on these pages, as its tech is increasingly embraced by customers in China, America and Europe. Now the company, through a collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), has produced a ‘new high-performance biofuel’ which could further reduce the carbon footprint of those who use it.

Stéphane Marie-Rose, Director of Enerkem’s Innovation Centre, said: “It’s a major breakthrough that could enable the development of a new non-oxygenated biofuel made from waste on a commercial scale. Through the very selective catalytic reaction achieved using our waste-to-biofuels process, we have formed paraffinic molecules, such as triptane, whose properties already contain a high-octane rating, thereby increasing the volume of paraffins when used as an additive in a conventional fuel.”

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