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Brazil declares renewables ambition

The Brazilian Government has made representations to join one of the world’s leading renewable energy bodies.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) confirmed today that the country’s leaders have begun the process to be a full member.

IRENA Director-General, Adnan Z. Amin said:“Brazil’s decision to seek IRENA’s membership reflects the country’s strong commitment to multilateralism and sustainable energy. A pioneer in bioenergy and one of the leaders in wind and hydro in Latin America, Brazil has a vast, diverse and growing renewable energy portfolio which positions it to play a key role in the global energy transformation.

“Renewable energy will not only help meet Brazil’s energy demand, but will also power economic growth and create employment opportunities. We look forward to Brazil’s active engagement with the Agency. The country’s rich experience and innovative policies to accelerate renewable energy deployment are of great value to international cooperation. At the same time, knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices through IRENA’s global and inclusive platform will support Brazil’s efforts to achieve a sustainable energy future.”

Brazil’s membership would move IRENA closer to having all the countries in the world on board, as it is fully engaged with 181 nations and the EU.

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