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Alliance targets agribusiness growth

Microsoft and EY are working together to support the agricultural industry capitalise on the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

The pair confirmed today they will strengthen their alliance to advance this objective; an alliance which will focus on developing ‘data-driven solutions’ that harness artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to boost production. Using data to monitor crop performance will lead to efficiencies that can improve yields and support sustainable farming.

“By 2050, the world’s population will increase to an estimated 9.6 billion people, which will require 70% more food than is available today. The entire food value chain is challenged with feeding the world in ways that are safe, transparent, and sustainable. The EY-Microsoft Agribusiness initiative will play a significant role in helping to deliver the solutions the industry needs to provide for a growing population, whether that is through connected field services or other digital solutions. We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft and go to market with a robust, dynamic initiative with a focus on agribusiness,” said Rob Dongoski, EY Global Agribusiness Leader.

It is the latest news to come out of the rapidly growing agricultural technology (agtech) sector. Last week we reported it is attracting the attention of major investors as it becomes an important solution to feeding growing populations.

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