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ACHEMA offers a platform for biotechs


The countdown is very much on to ACHEMA 2018.

And the triennial trade show for the process industries will showcase the best of the global biotech industry in Frankfurt next month.

Check out our dedicated ACHEMA page to find out how to book your space in the official Biotech for Chemistry magazine we are producing for the organisers, which will be distributed at the event and online.

ACHEMA 2018 takes place from 11 to 15 June.

“Innovators Magazine – the name already implies why it’s a perfect match for ACHEMA. Always on the forefront of technology and covering a broad range of topics, the magazine is just like our trade show. The people that make it have the right mix of expertise in biotech and an open mind to ‘look over the rim of the teacup’ exactly what we need for a focal topic like Biotech for Chemistry.”

                                                                Dr Marlene Etschmann, ACHEMA communications

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