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A circular revolution is brewing

Heineken has opened a brewery in Mexico built using circular economy principles.

The construction of the US$500 million facility, the company’s seventh in the country, followed a circular approach, prioritising clean power and efficient water usage.

“Mexico is an important market for Heineken. With a developing economy, a rich geographical and demographic diversity and a flourishing beer sector, we see great additional potential here. I am proud that the Meoqui brewery will be one of our biggest and ‘greenest’ breweries showcasing our long-term commitment to the country, the region and the environment,” said Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO of Heineken.

Heineken is is a corporate leader when it comes to sustainability. Innovators Magazine reported last year that it was planning on shipping its drinks along the inland waterways between Amsterdam and Rotterdam on a barge partly powered by advanced biofuels.

And the drinks industry in general is going circular in all sorts of interesting ways.

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