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Neste is transforming the Swedish island of Lidö into a fossil-free exemplar of sustainable solutions. Labelled ‘Zero Island’, it now has a zero menu offering food options that make it simple for visitors to cut their carbon footprint.

Jonas Svensson is the chef who helped pull together the dishes. He factored in the production and transportation methods used in relation to each item, along with innovative ways to keep waste at a minimum. With food production accountable for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, initiatives like these can act as a catalyst for others to rework their menus and food choices.

“The growing interest in food culture has really put chefs and restaurants in the spotlight. We have a huge influence on how people eat, and I think it is time to use our influence to build a more sustainable future,” said Jonas Svensson.

As Sweden moves towards its goal of being fossil free by 2045, Neste is showing what this can look like on Lidö. Check out its journey to zero campaign.

“From gluten-free to vegan, a growing number of people are following special diets. But we think there is room for one more – one that is good for the planet and promotes sustainability. With the Zero Menu and Zero Label we want to make it easier for people to make responsible choices.” added Sirpa Tuomi, Neste’s Marketing Director.

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