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Yale takes meat free option

Students at Yale University will soon be tucking in to meat free burgers.

The renowned Ivy League institution will make the Beyond Burger™ – made by food innovators Beyond Meat™ – available in its 13 on-campus dining halls. It will be the first university to offer the plant-based burgers, which are naturally cholesterol free and contain no GMO’s, soy or gluten.

Beyond Meat’s CEO Ethan Brown said: “We take an exciting step today as we partner with Yale to bring the Beyond Burger to students and the campus community. It’s energizing to be among a generation so accustomed to questioning fixed assumptions, including, in our case, that meat must come from animals. It’s particularly fun to do the launch in New Haven, the home of the self-proclaimed first restaurant in America to serve the original hamburger.”

The move is in line with the trend among millennials towards meat alternatives. A report this year by Mintel showed 36% of this generation favoured it, more than twice as much as Baby Boomers.

“With eating trends taking a turn toward plant-based alternatives, we found it prudent to meet our students’ desires with the addition of The Beyond Burger to our on-campus menus. Providing this option reflects an understanding of the up-and-coming generation’s evolving dietary preferences in which animal based protein, while important, plays a less prominent role,” said Adam Millman, Senior Director of Yale Hospitality.


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