|3 June 2016|

Scotland has emerged as an important hub for the global biotech industry. We caught up with Dame Professor Anne Glover, from the University of Aberdeen and Board Member of  Scottish Enterprise, the country’s main economic development agency to find out why.

What opportunities does Scotland offer the global industrial biotechnology industry? 

Industrial biotechnology (IB) is likely to play a critical role in contributing to a more sustainable society in the future. It will help to create jobs, improve energy and food security, as well as contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Scotland has the opportunity to contribute to this by capitalising on its world class academic research capability and a growing number of innovative companies actively involved in IB.

Why is Scotland emerging as such a key location for industrial biotechnology? 

Scotland’s strong heritage in academic research excellence, engineering and industrial strengths in life and chemical sciences is providing the country with a strong and unique platform on which to build a vibrant industrial biotechnology sector. Our distinctive geography and abundant natural resources provide opportunities to encourage collaboration and build industrial biotechnology capabilities. Scotland’s The National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology, was revised in 2015 and provides the strategic focus to grow the industry through targeted business support.

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