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Work begins on city-sized solar plant


Work is underway on a pioneering solar power plant in Japan that covers an area the size of Monaco.

The US$315 million project in the country’s Kyushu region will see 340,740 solar modules installed. Made by Japanese multinational, Kyocera, one of the firms collaborating on the large-scale solar energy initiative, they will generate clean electricity for over 30,000 homes.

Construction on the site, which had previously been designated for development as a golf course, will offset 52,940 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The 92-megawatt (MW) solar power plant, due to be completed in 2020, is being developed by Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills LLC, the operating firm established by the four companies behind the development: Kyocera Corporation, K.K. GAIA POWER, Kyudenko Corporation and Tokyo Century Corporation.

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