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Women key to tackling climate change

African female farmer working on her rice field in Mozambique

The UN Momentum for Change initiative ‘recognises climate solutions that are led by women’.

It promotes and supports women change makers worldwide that are transforming traditional industries into sustainable and profitable businesses.

The video below shows just a handful of these innovators, including women in Ecuador involved in sustainable urban agriculture, who are working to increase food security and reduce carbon emissions. The AGRUPAR project highlighted has brought 800,000 kilos of organic produce to market.

While another project, in Sudan, sees women being encouraged to practice conservation agriculture. They receive access to finance, markets, agricultural machinery, as well as the labour needed to sustainably increase crop yields.

Innovators Magazine will continue reporting the impact Momentum for Change is having, as part of our commitment to promoting the adoption of innovations and ideas that can deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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