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Today’s World Refugee Day is an occasion to prioritise finding solutions to the suffering of millions forced to flee their homes.

We have featured a number of stories on the role tech is playing, like the algorithm developed by researchers in America to offer refugees economic freedom – through employment – to help them build new lives. As well as initiatives, including the Innovate for Refugees platform – for pioneering refugees and others, which supports the development of products that can help tackle the refugee crisis. While innovations – including renewable energy and hydroponics – are also providing some relief to the struggles people face.

As humans, we all share one home, but some are luckier than others when it comes to the location lottery; innovation will continue to be a key element in finding clever ways to redress the unfairness of it all.

And pioneering startups and accelerators are another piece of the jigsaw. Read the spring launch edition of Impact Innovators, produced in collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation, on the positive impact early stage companies are making.

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