|7 July 2016|


A groundbreaking new renewables partnership will allow two different energy sources to feed into the same UK distribution grid network.

Atlantis, a global leader in the tidal power sector, and majority stakeholder in the MeyGen tidal energy project in Scotland, is partnering with Lochend Wind Energy Limited to allow them to use wind turbines to deliver electricity to the grid at times when the MeyGen tidal project is not making full use of the available export capacity, which would result from the cyclical nature of tidal generation.

Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, said:”We believe this to be a world first, and to show that the predictability of generation from the tides can also benefit other forms of renewable energy by allowing those generators to accurately forecast and access spare grid capacity. Tidal power makes for more efficient grid use and management, and we are delighted to have been able to assist a local wind farm in getting connected.

“Sharing transmission assets in this way and capitalising on the predictability of tidal power will ensure that, in the long term, our energy needs are better served whilst also maximising access to a constrained network in the immediate future.”