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Chicago close to renewables decision

Chicago will become the biggest US city to commit to a future powered by 100% clean power, if the city council backs the move next month.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is one the country’s most visionary politicians. He is someone who should remind America – and the world – the level of leadership the world’s only superpower is capable of delivering. Shifting Chicago to 100% clean power by 2035 was one of 50 bold initiatives contained in Resilient Chicago, a ‘roadmap for addressing the city’s most pressing challenges through the lens of urban resilience’ announced by Mayor Rahm on Valentine’s Day. It is hoped a resolution pinning down the green energy element will be tabled in March.

“A transition to 100 percent renewable energy would create local jobs, stimulate economic growth, and reduce health risks from lowered emissions. The resolution must call for the creation of a transition plan that mandates community involvement and ensures the City’s long-disadvantaged communities are prioritized. Moreover, by working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the transition would represent a significant step towards intergenerational justice in affirming a habitable environment for young individuals in my generation and others,” Zarek Drozda, student at the University of Chicago, told the Sierra Club.

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