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‘Who will grow tomorrow’s food?’

The World Bank is hosting an online event tomorrow which will speak with young farming pioneers to inspire more to join them.

With the industry worldwide largely administered by older farm workers – the event, which will be live streamed, will pose the question: ‘who will grow tomorrow’s food?’

“Younger generations express a thirst for innovation, private entrepreneurship and meaningful work. Younger generations care much more about the quality, sustainability and provenance of the food they eat than their parents do. And many are drawn to technologies that have the potential to break new ground in food and agriculture,” the World Bank website says.

And in tomorrow’s discussion some of the younger innovators in the field will share their experience to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

“Four speakers – in their 20s, 30s, and 40s – will share their challenges and breakthroughs – from supplying a small café in Kampala, Uganda with fresh greens, to investing in solar panels to lower the cost of poultry operations in rural Jamaica, understanding how to keep daughters on the family farm in Western Australia, and applying agroecology on a large scale to restore degraded soils and produce higher yields in the state of Sao Paolo, Brazil.”

There is still time to sign up – and even submit a question – for the 9.30am ET start time.

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