|2 November 2016|

Despite its comparatively small GDP in comparison to some of its peers in the Group of 20 (G20) nations Australia is a top performer when it comes to being prepared for Internet of Things (IoT) development, according to a new report.

The G20 Nations and the IoT: A Comparative Assessment study produced by the International Data Corporation (IDC) scores  Australia highly for its quality of education and culture of innovation.

“Countries are keen to become or maintain a competitive advantage and, as such, are looking to the Internet of Things as one of those initiatives,” said Vernon Turner, senior vice president, Enterprise Systems and IDC Fellow for The Internet of Things. “Knowing where a country stands in the IoT Index will help global and local IT vendors know what opportunities lie ahead of them as they line up their strategies at federal, local, and enterprise levels.”

America leads the way, a location hailed by the report for the ease of doing business, with South Korea, the UK, Australia and Japan making up the top five.