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Where is the green tech surge?

green tech
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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is calling for a ‘green-tech innovation surge’ to fight climate change. Following stagnant growth last year in patent application numbers linked to ‘environmentally friendly technologies, WIPO Director General, Francis Gurry, is demanding a collective push to help increase activity.

“Climate change has far-reaching effects for all of us and innovation in green tech sectors will be key to successfully addressing this global challenge,” said Francis.

While patents are clearly only part of the story in carrying out any type of innovation health check, Francis believes the lack of momentum in patents needs to be addressed by leaders worldwide and ahead of World IP Day 2020 on 26 April he has a message for them.

“Policymakers, businesses, academic institutions, inventors around the world: Let’s all work together to create a green-tech innovation surge that meets the requirements of our times,” added Francis.

The WIPO review focused on four categories of green tech: alternative energy production, notably renewable energy technologies; energy conservation technologies; green transportation; and nuclear power generation. It reveals a fall of 18% in alternative energy technologies since 2013, while ‘efficient use technologies’ – driven by energy conservation technologies and transportation-related innovation – are up 9% over the same period

This year’s World IP Day 2020 theme is: Innovate for a Green Future.


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