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What’s on @ Station F?

FRANCE – Paris is home to the world’s largest startup campus, Station F. Dedicated to offering the depth of support and access to networks that can truly help early stage companies realise their potential, it is a great example of what a nurturing, impactful startup ecosystem should actually look like.

We like to pop up posts about Station F because it screams authenticity. Most startups will have experienced that feeling of being a bit overwhelmed with information on accelerators, events and programmes promising the world, only to be left underwhelmed when they discover what they offer in practical terms. With its guarantee of no bullshit mentors and the backing of brands dictating the direction of travel for global industries, including Microsoft, adidas and Facebook, Station F provides companies with the launchpad options they need to grow.

“We have a programme for each industry vertical, run by a corporation, a school or a startup network. Each program has a dedicated selection process and provides tailored accompaniment and support on top of general campus resources, accessible to all startups at STATION F,” its website states.

There is so much going on at Station F though, including events like F For Femme on 1 October, which will focus on diversity and female entrepreneurship. It is one of many held annually that shines a spotlight on topics that need to be understood and addressed if a fair and sustainable future for business is to be achieved.

Learn more about Station F.

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