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What to expect at COP28 in Dubai

“We need to shift from incremental steps to transformational progress that delivers for everyone, everywhere,” says COP28 President-Delegate, Dr Sultan Al Jaber. It must be a “COP of action, a COP of solidarity, and a COP of unity,” insists Dr Al Jaber.

“Many of us remember that moment in Paris when the world chose to take a different path to a better, sustainable zero carbon future. We know we aren’t moving fast enough, but we also know that we have the power to make the difference, if we act in solidarity.”

Dr Jaber promises to give young people, indigenous peoples, and those in the global south usually left without a seat, a voice at the negotiating tables in Dubai.

“At COP28, we are going to be laser-focused on concrete and ambitious solutions that will allow us to bridge the gaps by 2030,” he said. “And we will include all stakeholders to drive an inclusive plan of action that gets us moving in the right direction. We need to shift from incremental steps to transformational progress that delivers for everyone, everywhere.”

COP28 in Dubai runs from from 30 November to 12 December.

Check out our roundup video from last year’s COP in Egypt, where our editor-at-large and host of the Inside Ideas podcast, Marc Buckley, along with Paula Maultasch, the then creative executive producer of Inside Ideas, asked leaders what made them #ACopHalfFull when looking to the future.

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