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What to do with food waste?


A new report has been released outlining the strategies governments and businesses should be implementing to tackle the problem of food waste.

Published by American NGO Energy VisionFood Waste Erased looks at a variety of options to deal with the 1.3 billion tons of food thrown out globally every year.

Energy Vision chair, Joanna Underwood said: “No matter how much food waste we avoid, we need to recognize that some element of waste will always be endemic, especially the large stream of inedible food. The question is, since we may not be able to avoid those wastes, what do we do with them?”

The report spells out what can be done: ‘from making it into compost to capturing and refining the biogas it emits into renewable natural gas (RNG) for power generation and transportation’.

“There’s a wide range of strategies available today that enable all food produced to be utilized as a resource, either as food or as sustainable energy or fuel,” added Underwood.

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