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What is human business?

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Professor Thomas Juli is today’s guest on Inside Ideas. He is a human business architect, the founder, managing director and curator of Motivate2B, and a coach for agile company and project transformation with more than 25 years of experience in various industries and organizations. His vision is to help human business establish itself as the new global normal within ten years. He is currently accompanying Allianz Germany as an agile transformation coach.

Thomas is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide (including NASA, Global Congress of the Project Management Institute, Equality Lounge at the World Economic Forum, Corporate Social Responsibility Forum). His new book Human Business. Living and Working in the Digital Age is being published this month by Haufe Verlag. He is also the author of the internationally recognized reference book Leadership Principles for Project Success (CRC Press, New York, 2011).

His advice to everyone, is “be yourself, everyone else is already taken, and if you don’t know who you are, besides playing a role, find out who you really are”. Hear more insight from Thomas and pick up some great tips in today’s show.


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